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Welcome to Dogecoin Chamber of Commerce LLC!

We are currently in the process of forming the initial chamber and creating a vibrant ecosystem for businesses and individuals to thrive. As we work diligently to establish the foundation of our organization, we appreciate your patience and support. For any inquiries or information requests, please reach out to us at We look forward to connecting with you and sharing exciting updates about our progress. Stay tuned for more details and join us as we embark on this exciting journey together!

We verify you and or your Business

Add your listing as normal or claim it if your already listed and we will verify your a real person via the pod you can have to store your personal data off the unsecure old web.

Together with you we provide a verified Human safe trading area away from the old dirty web that everyonce can rate each others abilities to Do Only Good Everyday.


Content editors are Working here right now. The shop fitters if you like.

The engine behind this system is being developed by one of the original coders of the web and streaming servers. 

Early round one investors looking for the white paper Contact Us 

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Talk to us on Twitter, our whole system is build on years of Only Doing Good Everyday and seeing un verfied bad actors taking advantage peopl.

This verfied system means everyone here is known to be human.

The rating system of will only be for the Amazing giving Cheems and Shibs.



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